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Corsets and Bustiers

These beautiful fashion Corsets and Bustiers are lace up on back, plastic boning to support. The corset is designed to create a wonderful hourglass figure for an alternative outfit a night out. These Corsets and Bustiers are your best choice for the ultimate hourglass shape.
Solid built for heavy duty waist training and body shaping, waist cinching and back support, with 4 Layers of Fabric: 2 Inner Layers of High Quality Cotton, Middle Layer Laminated to Outer Layer for Extra Strength.
Adjust the lace back according to your own situation. In general, at underbust tighten, hold the chest, chest parallel behind don't pull too tight.
This kind of underwear mainly acts on a small section of the waist, and does not restrain the fat around the ribs. Thus, the meat is squeezed to the upper and lower sides of the underwear, and the effect of thin waist can be seen immediately.
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